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Certified Home Inspection New Jersey

Commercial properties are subject to more rules and regulations than almost any other structure. Commercial building inspection in NJ is not optional. Eagle Eye Inspection, LLC can help you sell, buy, and maintain your property.

What can go wrong in a commercial property?

Almost anything can go wrong with an office building or other commercial property. Fire hazards, rust, plumbing issues, and mold are all common. New Jersey sits in a potentially disastrous spot with freezing winters, warm summers and salty sea air.

Issues will become worse over time. A small issue can quickly become a catastrophe. History has proven as much with famous fires and collapses in Atlantic City alone.

Am I in violation of the NJ building code?

New Jersey uses many internationally recognized building codes. Owners and builders must uphold the 2014 National Electric Code, 2015 IMC, 2015 IBC, and 2015 National Plumbing Code.

An inspector can help you determine what needs to be done to stay on the right side of the law. Not doing so is costly.

What is the fine for not meeting building codes in New Jersey?

Choosing to forgo an inspection can saddle you with significant fines. Each infraction comes with a fine of at least $2000. These fees stack up for each violation.

Refusing to admit an inspector carries an additional fee of $200 per visit. You must meet building code and obtain all necessary permits.

Inspecting your Building Regularly

There are several key times to have your commercial property inspected. You want to hire a licensed professional:

  • Before starting a project of any size
  • On the completion of a project
  • Prior to selling a property
  • After purchasing commercial property.

Make sure that you not only have the right permits to complete your next project but that the work is performed to code. Catching construction defects early avoids more costly lawsuits and damage, potentially saving your investment.

Commercial Building Inspection in New Jersey

Qualified contractors perform commercial building and property inspection. A licensed and insured inspector is a great way to avoid major problems down the road.

Whether you want to know which permits you need or are looking to ensure that your new investment will not bankrupt your business, an inspector you can trust is a core part of your purchasing and maintenance strategy. You can only write a portion of diminished value off on your taxes.

Finding a Qualified Inspector in New Jersey

While making the choice to hire an inspector is a wise one, who you choose should not come down to personals and a simple Google search. Get to know who you are hiring.

Your inspector should:

  • Come highly recommended through reviews or word of mouth
  • Have proof of their experience in the field
  • Know industry guidelines
  • Respect your needs

Eagle Eye Inspections, LLC can meet the challenge. We pride ourselves in our capabilities and customer service.

Commercial Building Inspection in NJ

Commercial Building Inspection in NJ protects your business and your investment. Do not wait. Get in touch with Eagle Eye Inspections, LLC today.

Certified Home Inspection New Jersey
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Certified Home Inspection New Jersey
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Certified Home Inspection New Jersey

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