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Having issues with your first New Jersey home inspections leads to a need for home re-inspections. Although it may not be required, it’s the only way to truly protect yourself as a homeowner, buyer, or investor.

Yet, it’s not just about scheduling a re-inspection, it’s making sure you have a reliable company to take care of your professional home inspections. Our expert team at Eagle Eye Inspections, LLC isn’t just skilled in-home re-inspections, we have over a decade of experience in construction that makes it possible to have firsthand knowledge of what to look for.

As industry professionals, we can’t stress enough the importance of having this service carried out. It’s precautionary but could save you so much time, money, and frustration.

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Protect Your Investment With Home Re-Inspections

You’ve had the initial home inspector do their thing, and there were repairs that needed to be made. Once those have been completed, are you going to just take their word for it?

Home re-inspections help ensure the work has been completed and that the completed work is up to par. Obviously, you need receipts for the work performed as proof and also for your records but that isn’t proof enough and doesn’t verify the workmanship is as high-quality as it should be, especially since the previous homeowner was probably looking for the cheapest bid on the job to save some money.

Plus, what if while fixing one aspect of your home another one was disrupted? It’s simply better safe than sorry when it comes to taking care of your home.

What can happen when you skip the re-inspection is you find out later that the work wasn’t completed, or at least not as well as it should have been. You can try to force the original repair person to return if they’re even still in business.

In many cases, you simply end up getting your own homeowners insurance to cover it or, even worse, pay for it yourself out of your own pocket. Call us now and protect yourself with home re-inspections for your New Jersey property.

If you’re looking for professional home re-inspections in New Jersey, call today at 201-699-6608 or complete our online request form.