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Real Estate Home Inspector Paramus

There are many activities that should be included in a detailed set of pre listing instructions in the Paramus Jersey area. Among these is the need for a thorough home inspection.

Are we in a sellers market in Paramus?

The housing market in New Jersey is hotter than usual. Houses sold 37% faster in 2021 than in 2018. Sales price grew an average of 15% with some areas seeing 50% increase in price.

Millennials entering their prime buying years, skyrocketing rent, and historically low interest rates created a climate that greatly benefits sellers. This may seem like old news but the trend continues into 2022.

Do I need a home inspection to sell my home in Paramus New Jersey?

New Jersey does not require a housing inspection but you should hire a professional to conduct one. Even in this market, there is a chance for your best offer to include a contingency or inspection.

If your prime buyer finds something that you missed, you may be out of luck. You will also want to know whether you should list a property as-is before selling your home or property. Re-listing a property requires lowering your selling price to attract buyers.

How can buyers require an inspection today?

There are many ways for buyers to require inspections beyond offering well-above the asking price. Among the common ways buyers work inspections into contracts are:

  • Offering above asking price
  • Stating an exact range above asking that they are willing to pay
  • Including an earnest money offer

You want a serious buyer. Taking an offer that cannot be financed is as damaging as having an offer repealed for a serious defect.

Increasing Property Value Before Selling

Every issue will come to light. Even if that happens after a sale, you may be liable for major damages if not listing as-is.

Finding and resolving issues before listing allows you to demand and attract top dollar for your property. The return on investment today is often far above the amount required for a repair.

Finding Housing Defects Before Selling

You can find and fix defects early with the help of a home inspector. Certified inspectors search properties from top to bottom for anything that could impact a sale.

We help you spot small details or major issues in systems you never see that seriously impact the value of your home. Avoid the pain of relisting by hiring a professional inspector pre-listing.

How do I find a qualified home inspector?

To avoid complications, hire an inspector that is respected in the community. There are multiple certification agencies for inspectors.

Eagle Eye Inspections, LLC belongs to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Our professionals continue to educate themselves on codes and issues impacting New Jersey homeowners.

Pre Listing Instructions in Jersey

Among the many pre listing instructions in Paramus Jersey that a real estate agent should provide clients is a home inspection. Do not get caught with the need to re-list a property at a lower value.

Get in touch with Eagle Eye Inspections, LLC and obtain a top to bottom review of your home before selling. Contact us today.

Real Estate Home Inspector Paramus
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Real Estate Home Inspector Paramus

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