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Home Inspection Companies Franklin Lakes

Home inspection may not sound like the most exciting part of moving into the new Franklin Lakes home of your dreams, but it really is the best way to win yourself a deal. A certified inspector dispatched to you, can spot the small details that help you avoid major repairs down the line.

Why do I need a home inspection?

Competitive bids and a limited amount of time to make a decision commonly make headlines. A culture of buying now and asking questions later permeates the housing market.

The pressure to act quickly without thinking should not inform your decision-making process. An inspection is a necessary part of a deal. You do not want a water heater to break, pipes to fail, and breakers to fail after paying over asking price.

In many instances a listing asking you to skip an inspection is a major red flag. The seller is more likely than not trying to hide major damage and not a minor blight.

Will I lose a deal if I use a home inspector?

There is no need to lose a deal on your dream home just because you need to move quickly without jeopardizing a contract.

You can:

  • Offer to pay earnest money which protects the seller.
  • Specify the exact amount over asking you are willing to cover beyond valuation.
  • Make a contingent cash offer.

There are many ways to appeal to a seller without a blind leap into the abyss. An inspection will keep you from investing in a lemon without the ability to pass on the cost of repairs. Failing to do so could greatly damage your finances.

Inspection During a Quick Closing

A quick closing is not a reason to avoid an inspection. An appealing offer increases the likelihood that you are able to include a contingency in your contract.

Offering earnest money with a clause allowing you to back out at no cost after an inspection date is a great way to obtain a top to bottom review. Such clauses are effective within the thirty to forty-five days it takes for your bank to approve a loan.

Are there certifications for Home Inspectors?

Even when pressured, you need to find a certified inspector capable of doing more than simply walking through your home. In a hot market, many inexperienced inspectors want a piece of the pie.

Certifications and qualifications exist to promote capable inspectors over newcomers. Eagle Eye Inspectors, LLC belongs to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and are Infrared certified.

There is nothing worse than feeling secure only to find tens of thousands of dollars of unforeseen damage in your new home. With many homebuyers paying above asking, a major repair can become a massive problem.

Home Inspection in Franklin Lakes

A home inspection in Franklin Lakes is not an option. You need the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is move-in ready.

Eagle Eye Inspectors, LLC is a certified inspection service ready to help you as quickly as possible. Do not let the pressure of a hot housing market deter you. Get in touch today.

Home Inspection Companies Franklin Lakes
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Home Inspection Companies Franklin Lakes
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Home Inspection Companies Franklin Lakes

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