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Licensed Home Inspectors Oradell NJ

The last thing you want to hear shortly after moving into your new house is that there are issues that could have been discovered and resolved during the construction stage. This is where new construction inspections in Oradell come in handy. These inspections are done in phases to identify problems in a timely manner. This allows prompt corrections to be made before moving to the next construction phase.

At Eagle Eye Inspections, we know how important it is to have a well-built home. That's why we provide premier phase inspections at crucial points during the home building process. Our comprehensive inspections will ensure that your new house is constructed according to the design specifications and local building standards and codes.

Why Do You Need New Construction Inspection?

Most people who choose to build their own homes do so believing they'll be free from issues synonymous with aging houses, such as cosmetic flaws and outdated plumbing. Unfortunately, even brand new constructions are still prone to errors and problems. A lot could go wrong, including cracks and gaps in decks, drainage issues, and water problems.

In many cases, it's often the fault of builders and contractors. Other times, it could be a result of plain mistakes. You can avoid all these and more extensive problems down the road by hiring the best new home inspectors. You want to know about all the issues, no matter how minor or serious, before you complete payment. And if the property has safety or health issues, you want to be informed without delay before you, and your loved ones are put at risk.

Phase Inspection Process

Typically there are three phases of new construction inspections. Here's why you shouldn't cheat yourself out of new construction inspection services.

  • When builders and contractors are aware that you've hired a new construction inspector, they'll pay close attention to detail and avoid common mistakes.
  • Inspections ensure that certain defects are addressed during the correct phase to prevent compromising the aesthetics and integrity of your home.
  • A detailed and thorough inspection will prevent you from suffering losses and paying for expensive repairs that your building contractor should be responsible for.

During inspection, you should expect the following:

Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection

Inspection is conducted after builders complete the foundation make-up and just before concrete is poured. Here, inspectors check for the overall quality of work.

Framing Inspection

The second phase is done when the insulation and drywall are about to be installed. This inspection seeks to find sub-standard or defective installation techniques.

Final Inspection

The last inspection is performed when your house is completed to make sure there are no serious defects, and major components and systems are installed as per building standards.

Reliable, Effective New Construction Inspections

If you're constructing your house and want to have peace of mind that the builders and contractors are delivering quality work, we can help. At Eagle Eye Inspections, we'll provide detailed new construction inspections in Ordell at the correct times. Using our process, we've helped our clients save tens of thousands of dollars by uncovering safety hazards built into their houses and having poorly-done work corrected. Request a home or building inspection:

Licensed Home Inspectors Oradell NJ
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Licensed Home Inspectors Oradell NJ
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Licensed Home Inspectors Oradell NJ

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