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Property Inspections Hackensack

Property inspection is the best way to protect your valuable Hackensack home of business assets. Whether you are a business with a headquarters, a long time Hackensack resident, or a landlord, a certified inspector helps avoid major problems later.

Issues in the Subsystems of your Property

Buildings are like onions. You peel one layer away to reveal another. Unlike an onion, every system is interconnected.

Toilets connect to the same plumbing as sinks and kitchens. A clog in the pipes under a bathroom can back up into the break room. Damage in one electric outlet can take down a series of others.

Hackensack office buildings, warehouses, and other commercial properties are more at risk than your home for complex damage. Businesses require more power and involve more people on a daily basis, stressing your systems well beyond those in a residential property.

Staying on Top of Property Damage

A critical failure in a major system will significantly impact the overall value of your building. A burst pipe may greatly decrease the attractiveness of your property or make it next to impossible to attract a tenant.

Inspections are the way to avoid a collapse in value. Certified and trained inspectors catch even the smallest dents to an otherwise impenetrable fortress.

Regular Building Health Checks

A regular check over your building is a terrific way to avoid skyrocketing costs. All appliances and materials have an expiration date. Even the beams in your building break down after 100 to 200 years.

Heating systems last 10 to 15 years. Polybutylene pipes, once a mainstay of 1970s and 1980s development continue to fail at alarming rates. Checking your building as new knowledge becomes available or on a yearly basis helps maintain sanity and balance your checkbook.

Avoiding Permit Infractions

Beyond wear and tear, there are a number of regulations impacting commercial properties in the Hackensack New Jersey area. From the 2014 National Electric Code to the continuously updated IBMC and even the occasional law, you need to be on top of a changing legal ecosystem.

Permit infractions cost $2000 per violation. Fines stack without limit. Hire an inspector to keep the city inspector at bay. We help before and after construction to identify potential peritting needs and spot defects.

Finding a Commercial Property Inspector

Do not just leave your inspection to just anyone. In a hot Hackensack housing market, you need to find a certified inspector who has been trained.

Look for valid certifications, training, and professional memberships. Make sure that this translates into positive customer feedback. Eagle Eye Inspectors, LLC is a member of the International Association of Home Inspectors among other accreditation agencies.

Commercial Property Inspection in Hackensack NJ

A commercial property is a major asset. Even with the pandemic, they are in high and increasing demand. You need to ensure that your property is capable of increasing in value.

Commercial property inspection in the Hackensack NJ area is a vital part of any purchase or project. Our inspectors can also help find damage to your space as it ages. Get in touch with our certified quality professionals and schedule an appointment today.

Property Inspections Hackensack
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Property Inspections Hackensack
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Property Inspections Hackensack

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