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signs of mold

Mold can be a problem for homeowners who want to keep their home clean, safe, and healthy. Sometimes mold growth is obvious, but other times it is more challenging to identify. Here are five signs of mold in the home.

Allergies are Signs of Mold in the Home

Many of us suffer from allergies, but if yours seem to become worse at home, there may be an underlying reason. Excessive sneezing, itchy eyes, or congestion could mean there’s mold in the home.

Have you noticed relief from your allergies when you leave the house? These allergy symptoms might be a side effect of mold growth, which can also cause more serious health issues.

Musty, Damp Odors

Mold has a distinct smell that is hard to ignore, like wet socks or rotten wood. These odors are not only unpleasant, but they are also signs of mold in the home. Don’t ignore the smell of mold. Determine the source or get a mold inspection as soon as possible.

Visible Mold Growth is an Obvious Sign

You may think that seeing mold is an easy way to know it’s a problem. However, there are signs of mold in the home that are trickier to spot. A small amount of mold can be mistaken for dirt. Depending on the type, mold can be different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Don’t assume that you should only be looking for black spots along the wall. Look for any unusual spots around your home, especially in areas that are more susceptible to moisture. When you see even a small amount of mold, take action to clean it right away before it spreads.

Bubbling Paint On Your Walls

If you see paint that is beginning to bubble near your bathroom or a window, it could be a sign of excess moisture in the wall. Moisture that causes the paint to bubble means that conditions are right for mold growth in that area.

Do You Have Signs of Mold In The Home? Hire An Expert.

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