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Whole House Inspection in Park Ridge, NJ

Natural gas is widely used in American homes as a fuel source for hot water heaters, ranges, and other appliances. While generally safe, this gas can quickly produce a severe safety hazard if it leaks from any of its supply lines. This hazard comes in several forms. First, if leaking natural gas comes into contact with any kind of spark or flame, it can ignite with devastatingly explosive consequences. In addition, the accumulation of unexploded gas can seriously reduce indoor oxygen levels and lead to unconsciousness or death through oxygen deprivation. The same situation can occur if a leak leads to the release of carbon monoxide byproduct from partially burned gas.

There are three main causes of residential gas leaks: poor or degraded fittings/connections between the gas line and a specific appliance, lack of proper appliance maintenance and appliance malfunctions.

The first line of defense in gas leak prevention is a properly performed installation by a trained and licensed master plumber who thoroughly understands the ins and outs of natural gas plumbing. Reliance on this type of installation expertise greatly reduces the chances that you will develop any problems related to poorly installed fittings and connections. It also greatly increases the odds that your appliances will run at peak efficiency from day one and provide you with the best possible user experience.

You can also prevent leaks by establishing and diligently following a regular schedule for appliance maintenance. Consultation with your local natural gas plumbing experts will give you all the information you need to arrange required servicing at appropriate intervals. The same professionals will likely be able to carry out that servicing, as well.

Park Ridge, NJ

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